Music Photography by Joe Papeo

Photos: Deftones, being supported by Dillinger Escape Plan and Funeral Party, at Starland Ballroom – 5/11/2011

Starland Ballroom, May 11, 2011 – You always hear photographers complain about lighting, and I am one of them.  Photography is simply capturing light, so bad light means tough photography, and this night was one of those nights.  It’s the missed photos that eat away at us the most.  This night had long periods of absolute darkness.  Shots that I look at on my computer that would have been spectacular moments, but the lighting failed me.

I have been looking forward to my chance at shooting the Deftones for a long while now.  Heck, I was on line before 7am on Record Store Day to make sure I got my copy of Deftones – Covers.  A band that must be considered a legend by now, at least in their format, I was very glad to finally get a chance to shoot them.

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